About CamGamesMeet

There are many lovely meetups in Cambridge, but there used to be nothing aimed at people interested in all kinds of games design and playfulness, despite us frequently meeting such people at events otherwhere.

So we started CamGamesMeet! We meet somewhat irregularly, on weekend afternoons or weekday evenings to give everyone a chance to come along, at venues in the city centre. Our meetups are very informal - a chance to meet people with related interests and have a natter.

We welcome anyone with an interest in creating and playing games of all kinds: computer games, mobile games, pervasive games, board games, social games, ...  Do bring things you are working on to playtest, share your stories of recent playful experiences, and discuss tips and tricks for building new games of all kinds.

To remind us that - despite the prevalence of Angry Birds, Farmville and Left4Dead - not all games involve computers, we have a photo of some lovely bunting:

(concrete Brutalist background courtesy of the National Theatre in London, who hosted the Hide&Seek weekender in 2010)

If you've any questions or want to get in touch, send us a message on Twitter or post a comment on this blog.

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